Experiential Learning

We at DPS Pilibhit, are bound to provide an education that is through action, learning by doing, learning through experience, and learning through discovery and exploration. As Benjamin Franklin rightly said, “Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I remember, Involve me and I will learn.”

Unlike traditional classroom situations where students may compete with one another or remain uninvolved or demotivated and where the instruction is highly structured, students in experiential learning situations cooperate and learn from one another in a more semi-structured approach at DPS Pilibhit. Instruction is designed to engage students in direct experiences which are tied to real world problems and situations in which the instructor facilitates rather than directs student progress. Students do perform or do a hands-on minds-on experience with little or no help from the instructor. Like, making products or models, role-playing, giving a presentation, problem-solving, playing a game. We at DPS Pilibhit know what the student can learn from the experience. Objectives of Experiential learning at DPS Pilibhit -

  • Remain focused
  • Learn differently
  • Learn faster