Co-scholastic Zone

Co-scholastic areas include life skills, attitudes and values, co-curricular activities and health and physical education. They are designed and balanced with academic curriculum so that every student gets to learn beyond subjects. They are meant to bring social skills, intellectual skills, moral values, personality progress and character appeal in students. Our goal is to make leaner efficient both at the personal and social level, creating extraordinary students. Apart from just learning from books, we also encourage students to actively participate in other scholastic activities.

“Student engagement is the product of motivation and active learning. It is a product rather than a sum because it will not occur if either element is missing― Elizabeth F. Barkley

Yoga- Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that permits the mind and body to be in conjunction with each other. It incorporates meditation, breathing exercises, and stretches to allow stress reduction, relaxation, and rejuvenation. For students, Yoga is integral to their physical and mental health. Yoga will not only help them de-stress but also make them healthy. The calmness that it brings will reduce violent behaviour in kids, which is becoming prevalent these days. Well trained staff is at school to teach yoga to nurturing minds.

Music- Music brings people together. It improves child’s health and wellbeing along with confidence and resilience. It is a creative outlet of fun! Music rejuvenates mind and soul. It not only elevates mood but reduces stress too. Musical instruments are present at school along with well qualified teachers to teach music to all age groups at school. A student learn to read music notation, develop eye-hand-mind coordination, develop keen listening skills, develop team skills for playing in an ensemble and develop discipline to practice.

Dance - Arts research has shown that students who study dance are more self-motivated, disciplined and focused. They are more expressive in their communication of emotions, thoughts and feelings. They are able to critically analyse their own work and the work of others, as well as being more creative and imaginative. School provides well equipped dance hall with learned teachers. School understands that dancing is a great form of exercise, and a love of dance from an early age can help motivate kids to stay active as they grow into adults. It encourages social and emotional development, creativity and cognitive development. DPS Pilibhit, fulfill its words of promise when it comes to enhancing various extracurricular developmental skills.

Robotics- To nurture the creativity and talent of students by adopting a curiosity-based learning approach, Robotics is seamlessly knitted into the curriculum with a view to foster the essential work skills of students like collaboration, problem solving, project management, innate creativity, and innovation. Robotics can transform education as well as build a conducive environment for students that facilitates effective STEM learning (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics)

Auditorium- An auditorium is a large room to accommodate an audience in a building such as a school or theater. School provides a big auditorium to accommodate maximum strength during theatre or school activities. The sound system is of adequate intensity.The sound system is evenly distributed throughout the hall with clear and distinct successive nodes.

Café- Comfortable seating café is provided by the school for both staff and students. Students can avail the facility by consent from the parents, Coupons will be provided by school once a week for students to visit the café and eat the food of their choice. All food items are regularly checked to monitor quality of food and hygiene.